Discovery Evenings

Discovery Evenings are designed to enable you to try different ways of studying with other members of the church.

During the summer we looked at:-


We considered God’s purposes in His call to Abraham, His dealings with the Israelites over the next 1000 years and the related Bible books in their historical context.  We will also look at some themes, such as the revelation of God’s character, the promise to the Gentiles and the way the O.T. laws and events symbolise their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus.

Prophecy was the major theme of this session, especially of the coming Messiah, but also set in the historical context of events over this 1000 years, including the 4 centuries before the coming of Jesus.  A time chart and notes will be provided to help us understand where the Bible books belong chronologically and how they are related to Israel’s history and events in the region.



During the past year we have looked at  a study series on the 'Bibilcal Basis of Modern Missions' 



Paul's first Journey   Paul's second Journey

   A. Understanding and Supporting People 
   B. The Prodigal God
   C. Friendship First
We have also run a series on prayer ministries.

We will be planning more Discovery Evenings in the future and if you would like to find out more please contact the HUB team.