One Can Trust

We have been working with One Can Trust for many years collecting food donations at our Hub centre. 

One Can trust report that "the food donations from our wonderfully generous donors are still arriving at the levels that were common before the emergency. However, One Can Trust has seen an extraordinary increase in people who are unable to pay for food to feed themselves and their family and need the assistance of emergency food parcels. The food bank was supplying parcels to feed an average of 159 people per week in January, 177 in February, 229 in March, 396 in the first week of April and now 427 in the second week in April, more than doubling the demand."

Food stocks while adequate at present are depleting fast as donations have not risen in line with the demand which is where you come in; we need Street Heroes to join in the appeal for food donations in and around Wycombe. These are the fantastic volunteers who are setting up pop-up collection points in their gardens or on their doorsteps and asking their friends and neighbours to donate a can or two as they walk past. 

For more information follow the link to One Can Trust's website and download the instructions and posters for street heroes below.

How to deliver donations     Flyer to post through neighbours doors     Collection poster    Foods needed