Faith Grief & Covid-19

Faith, grief and Covid-19 – A conversation 

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated grief in all of our lives. We have lost jobs, financial security, health, community connections, and the opportunity to gather and celebrate significant milestones such as graduations, weddings, births, and anniversaries. In particular, some people have lost loved ones. 

These losses raise larger questions for us as Christians. How do we understand and process grief as people of faith? How can we support vulnerable and grieving members of our community while practicing physical distancing? Where can we find hope and joy in this season? 

If you have been thinking about any of these things, we want to offer an opportunity for sharing and learning, with insights on how to support others who are grieving.

We’ll have four one-hour sessions, probably on Zoom. After a short film lasting between 3 and 9 minutes, we will share our own thoughts and experiences and we will finish with a time for reflection, and prayer - laying down our concerns and refocusing on God. 

Dawn and Sheena are planning to facilitate these sessions on Thursday evenings at 8pm commencing September 3rd. The sessions will probably be on Zoom although it might be possible to meet at the Hub and remain socially distanced. 

if you are interested in joining these evenings please fill out the online form and indicate whether you would prefer to meet face-to-face or on Zoom. In order to facilitate discussion numbers will be limited so please see this as an expression of interest at this stage,