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Please click the video below to listen to your favorite toddler songs and hear a story, there is also

some craft for you to do at home.


On a large piece of paper draw your face with a "BIG" smile on it.

Around the edges use paint to make hand prints. Or make hand prints on a separate piece of paper and cut them out to decorate round your face with.




Make a friendship bracelet by cutting a strip of paper about 2/3 inches (6/7cm) wide & punch holes along the edge.

Thread wool through the paper & tie the wool at the end to make a bracelet.


Draw round your hand and then Draw/stick on pictures of things you could share. (Toys, sweets etc.)

Make a card. You can draw/stick pictures on a card. Or get a grown up to prepare and cut a potato/sponge to make potato/sponge prints. You can put on your card anything the adult likes.


For this craft you will need: A paper plate/circle of card/paper, Pen/Pencil, Glue/Tape, Straw/stick, String.


On a paper plate/circle of card/paper, draw a happy face on one side and a sad on the other. Stick a straw/stick on the bottom or between the card, so you can twirl the picture from sad to happy.


1: For today's craft you need a photo of your child, two pieces of card(I used a tea package), and decorations(I used pasta, wool and felt pens).
2: Cut a hole in one piece of card big enough to see the photo through.
3: Decorate the front of this piece of card.
4: Stick your photo on this card with the picture on the same side as the decorations.
5: Stick the other piece of card on the back.
6: If you want to you can write 'God bless you' on the frame. Now display it or send it to a relative to enjoy.



1. Find a piece of rectangular paper, fold it in half, fold that in half and then fold it in half again. It should make 8 small rectangle sections.

2. Open it out and fold it backwards and forwards to make a concertina shape.

3. On a separate piece of paper/card make one or two templates. Maybe easier to fold them in half, before cutting .

4. On one end of the concertina draw round your template, making sure the hands go right to the edge of the fold.

5. Cut out template remembering to leave the hands uncut, open out & decorate/colour as you wish.                                        



This weeks craft is a Desert Picture                                          

You will need:

Thick paper or card
PVA glue
Glue stick or brush                                           
Sand, tiny twigs, dry grass, straw
Blue and Yellow paints or crayons
Yellow thin paper and scissors.
Baking tray (optional )


To construct

1. Draw a line roughly across the middle of the paper/card. A small wobble is fine.

2. Above the line get the children to colour or paint the sky blue. Leave this to dry if needed.

3. Children can then spread glue all over the bottom half and then sprinkle and press sand on top or put the sand into a tray and press the gluey paper into it.

4. Using lots of glue add grasses and/or straw etc. They may be hard for little ones to get to stick and a bit messy!!

Chat about hot countries and the difficulty of growing food, feeling hungry and worried. God used someone to provide for Elijah and he will provide for us too. 

Picture of the craft for this week


There is a craft for you to colour and if you have used a fruit net, you can use it to put some fish in. Click here to download the template






Click here to download an Easter card to colour.

Please  send in some pictures of your craft to so we can se them.  Take care and be kind.


This week we have been thinking about Good Friday and how Jesus died on the cross and so for our craft we are making bookmarks in the shape of a cross. You can take the opportunity to make this with older children and combine it with a walk and bigger crosses can be made to hang up in a window perhaps.

The photos show how we did ours. Crosses can be cut from cereal boxes or other card you have, glue 2 together so any pictures are on the inside. Click here for a cross template

Children can either walk around their garden or look for things on a family walk. Ideas of things to look for to decorate the bookmark are: tiny feathers, petals, leaves, weeds, grasses. The picture shows one decorated from my garden.

Punching a hole in either the top or bottom and getting your children to thread wool or ribbon through, adds to the finish look and gives another hand-eye coordination experience. If you have older children at home you could make the design more interesting by punching more holes and creating a woven affect or write a bible verse across the middle.