Young Adults

Here at Union Baptist Church, we have a large group of young adults. This is a group of people who have recently finished university or who are aged 23-30ish. We want to encourage all of our young adults to get involved in the life of the church and welcome any others who want to do the same. 

Here you will find a list of things we have for the young adults and how we encourage them to get involved in church life.

Young Adults Home Group

Every Thursday a group of young adults meet either on zoom or in person to chat, study God's word and pray together. This has been a very useful group to those who have been/are a part of it as it gives people who are often working a chance to catch up with other people, study God's word and share prayer requests. 

Every so often this group will engage in a video series of a book series based on and around aspects of the Christian Faith.

This group is currently headed up by Youth Pastor, Ben Wilson who would love to talk to anyone who is interested in this home group. 








Social Events

Throughout the year the Young Adults aim to get together for fun social events where we can simply chat, laugh and be in community with each other. These socials often end in a time of prayer for each other. 

Events we have done in the past include, BBQ's, Comedy Gigs, Pub nights, Meals out and games nights hosted at a member of the group's house. Around the different Christian festivals such as Easter and Christmas, we also try to do a themed social. 

Please do get in touch with Ben if you would like to know more about these events. 

Getting Involved at Church

We want to encourage our Young Adults to take an active interest in the life of the church, getting involved in areas of church life where they can use their skills and talents to glorify God and to build relationships with the wider church community. 

These opportunties can be as simple as doing the Bible reading in the services to getting involved in the Children and Youth Work. 

In everything that we do at Union Baptist Church, we do it together, supporting each other and encouraging each other as we go, praising and thanking God for the gifts and skills we have and the opportunity to use them. 

If you would like to get involved in the life of Union Baptist Church and help serve in some way, please contact any of the Pastors who would be more than happy to talk to you.