At Union Baptist Church we want to make sure all students, studying here or going away, are connected with and are able to worship and grow in faith with other people their age as well as with the church as a whole.

If you are a student and you want to know more about what we do here at Union Baptist Church, this is where you can find groups and advice for both students coming to High Wycombe and for those going away.

Studying in High Wycombe

If you are new to studying here in High Wycombe then firstly, welcome! We hope and pray you settle in well here and find this a good place to study and grow.

We want to encourage all students new to the area to get involved in a local church and here at Union Baptist Church we host a students' home group. 

This group runs on a Wednesday evening at 8pm and takes place either in person or on Zoom. The group started with a group of students from Union Baptist Church who saw the need for a student led group and began meeting with the support and guidance of Youth Pastor, Ben Wilson. 

This group always offers something different each week: bible studies, thoughts for the weeks, worship evenings, prayer sessions and socials such as bowling, games nights and BBQ's. 

We also want to encourage those studying here in High Wycombe to find a CU to get involved in. Historically Bucks CU has had a Christian Union on campus but in this time of Covid-19 and social distancing, things are having to take place in a different way. 

We encourage you to get in touch with local CU representatives via the UCCF website - 

Or get in touch with Ben Wilson at Union Baptist Church who can guide you and put you in touch with the right people. 

You can also attend and get involved in our weekly services every sunday at 10:15am (currently on Zoom) and at 6:30pm. To find out more, please visit the 'Our Services' page on this website.

Studying Away

We are in contact with many students who have either grown up or attended Union over the years and we always make sure that they are taken care of and are being spiritually fed when they go to university. 

When our students go university we make sure to research and let them know of local churches that they can attend. We also encourage students to try different places for the first few months to find what it is that they find important and useful in a church. 

One app that is also great for this is the 'Fusion-LinkUp App'. You enter which university you are attending and you will be given a list of churches in the local area who can then introduce themselves to you.

Very much like students coming into High Wycombe, we also encourage our students leaving to find and take part in a Christian Union near them. This is very important for every student to learn, worship and grow with other people their age in the place that they study.

We also make sure every student has a dedicated member of the church who writes to them and stays in contact throughout their time at university. This is a great way of staying in touch with all who are moving on and a way of sharing prayer requests and offering support. 

Christian Unions

We at Union Baptist Church see Christian Unions as an important part of a christian's journey through university. They can be helpful in so many ways, be that spiritually, mentally or physically. 

We really want to encourage any christian student or any student who is exploring the christian faith to find and join a Christian Union and to share in the christian faith together. 

You can find a CU close to you by using the following webpage by the UCCF -

or you can talk to your local pastors who will be able to help put you in touch with the right people. 

Check out the following worship cover video by the International Christian Union Choir

If you would like any more information on anything student based then please get in touch with our Youth Pastor, Ben Wilson.