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This term we invite you to join in the mission of God to his world.


Our MORNING sermons will start with an overview of God’s purposes in His world to restore all that was lost in the fall and bring freedom and release to all that He has made. We will then explore God’s merciful ministry and how this is practically worked out in our lives guided by The Parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. July will focus on the way Jesus ministered in word and power, establishing God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven. Finally, over the summer break the Psalms will accompany us through every season of life.



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We have now made available sermons from Sunday services on our website.

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Our house groups will be studying issues raised in the sermons at their weekly meetings and guidance notes for housegroup members can be downloaded from our website - click on House Groups to find out more.






Previous sermon series include

Spring Sermon Series

Encouragement & Generositty In Christ

God's Generosity is a recurring theme thoughtout the pages of the Bible.  God creates a perfect world, welcomes us into his family, gives his only Son and sends the Holy Sprirt upon his church.  We start the year by continuing on Paul's second missionary journey where Paul generously encourages the church that faces many challenges.

  • With their feedon in Christ
  • That through trials and conflict the gospel spreads.
  • Through the help they can offer one another
  • With the gift of informed prayer
  • By the power of the Spirit in mission

Autumn Sermon Series

The Autumn our sermon series will be base on 'Whole Life Worship' and we be exploring how:

  • Worship impacts our whole lives
  • Worship inspires our everyday speech
  • We will discover the place of lament in worship
  • Worship will impact how we treat God’s world
  • We will explore how to worship God in a city/town setting
  • And we will discover again and again that the centre and heart or our worship is Jesus.