Deacon Team


Deacons are elected for 3 years with the possibility of re-nomination for a further 3 years. Deacons are responsible for the administrative support of the church, which has been structured into various teams and ministries.  Church members are elected onto those ministries and team, except for the pastoral team, which is by appointment.  The leadership values everyone’s commitment and involvement in helping to support church life and so encourages people to become church members and to use their skills and gifts in the various ministries and teams.

Yves Tchoudi - Youth and Young Adults

Yves was brought up in a Christian family, but never quite understood what it meant to be a follower of Christ until joining Union in 2011.

"Giving my life to Jesus, living according to his will and knowing that I no longer have to wrestle with what I can or cannot do has felt so liberating and reassuring"

Life has been a rollercoaster in the past few years but, every time somehow miraculously, God has intervened and shown his favour and might again and again. How do I repay Him? I probably never will and I won't stop trying.

Yves is married to Agnes and is blessed with 2 great kids.

Pam Burt - Children and Young Families

Pam was brought up in a Christian family in Essex and came to faith as a child,being baptised at 15.  After moving to Wycombe with her husband Stuart in 1986 they began attending Union were they appreciated the welcome and friendship in the church.  They were also thankful for the love and support as they had bringing up their three,now grown-up, children through the ups and downs of family life.  Pam has worked as a childminder for the past 20 years and helps to run the weekly church toddler group and the catering team as well as helping each Sunday preparing drinks for the children's and young peoples groups.



Aubrey Dunford - Special Projects

Aubrey well remembers when at 7 years old he decided to give his life to Jesus. Although what that really meant became clear as he grew older it was a decision he has never regretted. Trying to live life God’s way is not easy especially in a professional career but living knowing God’s love and grace with the certainty of eternal life to come is the only way to find real satisfaction in life.

He first came to Union in 1986 when he moved to High Wycombe with his wife and two children, who have both grown up, and been baptised at the church. He and his wife Karen now delight in having five grandchildren. Aubrey has served in the leadership of the church in many different roles over the years and currently is responsible for special projects within the church.


Judith Hamilton - Discipleship Ministry

Judith is married to Gary and has two wonderful daughters. The family came from Jamaica to live in the UK in 1998, and have lived in High Wycombe since 2004. They stumbled upon Union Baptist when walking from the Mayor's office and decided to visit the next Sunday.  They have not left since!




Andy Judd - Community Ministry

Andy is originally from West London, but has lived in the Wycombe area for 35 years. Since 2003 he has had an Electronics company in the town. Andy comes from a Christian family and came to faith in his early 20’s.  He is married with two sons and two grandchildren and has attended Union for 20 years.

Andy is a member of the local branch of Gideons International and passionately believes our Wonderful God is as relevant Today as He always has been.  As Andy says "As I live, work and worship in the town I feel blessed and able to serve God as the community Deacon."


Caroline Wallbank - Treasurer

Caroline was baptised and first came into membership at Union in 1975 as a teenager. University and work then took her away from the area for a few years, but returned as a family to High Wycombe and Union Baptist in 1987. Since then she has served in a number of capacities, both on the diaconate and around the church.  She is currently helping as part of the organising committee for Fresh Cafe each summer, acting as venue coordinator for Wycombe Homeless Connection here at Union and can be found helping in creche on Sunday mornings.  She is currently the Treasurer and has responsibility for Finance Team.


Ruth Weston - Administration

Ruth is currently administration deacon, helping church life run smoothly behind the scenes to enable the fellowship to serve Jesus in the heart of High Wycombe (as our strapline says) using skills gained during a career in higher education libraries and more recently a part-time job as administrator and book-keeper at a residential care home.

Ruth grew up near Nottingham. Taken to church from an early age, she grew into faith in Jesus and affirmed her personal desire to follow Jesus when she was baptised at 14 years old. She moved to High Wycombe in 1983 and has been a member of the fellowship at Union since then. She met and married her husband, Stephen, at Union and they live in Wycombe. Ruth and Stephen edit Union's monthly magazine, Broadcast, and are both active in the music group where Ruth plays guitar and recorder and sings (not all simultaneously!). She enjoys country walking (in fair weather!), singing with the Wycombe Philharmonic Choir, watching costume dramas on TV and film, and visiting National Trust properties (and tea rooms!).


Katie Hale - Communications

Katie is the communications deacon, leading the team who cover both internal and external communications across the life of the church.

Katie has been attending Union since birth, and became a member shortly after being baptised in September 2015. Having grown up in this church, Katie sees it as home and the members and attendees as extended family.



Roger Pantridge - Pastoral

Roger and his wife Judy have been attending Union for many years, raising their two daughters, and are enthusiastic and friendly members of our community. Having recently retired, Roger now no longer teaches so can use his skills, time and passion in serving on the diaconate.


Anthony Croft - Worship

Anthony and his wife Chris, one of our elders, both have busy and demanding roles in the health profession, yet find time to serve us here at Union. Having raised four boys, nothing can phase Anthony, and he leads the worship team with his wonderful calm and dedicated manner.